Is this going to work for my business?

And to be perfectly frank

(even with our thorough process, exceptional talent, and 99.9% repeat client success rate)

I don't know.
Because this is as much art as it is science. Because if I did know for certain it would work, it definitely wouldn’t.
The great paradox is this:
It’s a bigger risk for you to be another faceless, nameless hawker in your industry, another voice swallowed by the deafening market clamor.
The safer option?
Become a beast in your business. Rise a head and shoulders above the rest - by meeting and solving your industry’s biggest problems best. Which you’re probably already very close to doing.
Our job?
To identify your unrivaled offer, and package it so it’s a no-brainer yes! for your target audience.
Our drive? What gets us excited and keeps us going?


We know you’ve got something good going. Something that solve's a frustrating problem, gives people their time back, or gives people more freedom, joy, and success. (or all 3!)

Because business is always so much more than the offer.
That medicaid app? It’s helping the elderly get the care they need when they need it.
That real estate agency? They’re sharing their  knowledge and experience to enable their clients to be successful and live their best life.
The cybersecurity agency? It’s safeguarding the work and livelihood of hundreds of people.
And Furrow? We’re in the business of helping people help people.
Let’s join forces.
Your trust. Our commitment.
We commit to immersing ourselves in your industry and business to understand the problems from within.
We commit to staying in 'learning and listening mode' all the way through.
We commit to open communication, collaboration and respect for your industry insights. We commit to relaxed conversations, good times, friendly relationships and truffle milk chocolate.
We commit to curating the best talent to make our vision come to life.
We commit to only delivering our best work - the first time around.
We commit to making every experience a learning experience.
And we commit to making this work for you.

A peek behind the curtain

Rachel Fakheri:

Founder and Lead Strategist @ Furrow, brand strategy and copy coach, mom of 3

Past life:

Designer. Website Developer. Copywriter. Brand Strategist.  (hence, the strong emphasis in product marketing before brand marketing).

The short of it:

I’ve been on the marketing roulette for a while, and I’ve seen firsthand that while each marketing element is important, they are infinitely more effective when working together to deliver your one message. What’s yours?

Research and Strategy
Research and Strategy
We’re more than the sum of our parts.
Exceptional work doesn’t happen in a silo (or the mad genius of one)

That’s why we have working relationships with rockstar talent, and create curated teams depending on the needs and style of each individual project.

(So casual professional voice or voice with some cheek? Vector imagery, hand-drawn illustrations, or a custom coded website animation effect? We can execute. That’s the power of curated teams. )

If work is more than just work
If you're in this for the long haul
If there’s not enough time in the day for everything you want to do
If your goals are bigger than your plans
If you set auto-responders when you’re on vacation (or if you don’t)
If there are no failures, only lessons that cost
If client communication is the best part of your week
If you’re here to enjoy the ride...
...then you’re our kind of people.
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