Execution is everything.

But you already know that. It’s why you’re here.
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Get brand collateral that works flawlessly in sync to pre-sell prospects on your brand.

(Heads up: Once we craft a vision, we’re borderline obsessive about bringing it out into the world with next-level finesse.)

Ready to make your impact in the market?

Conversion Websites
Conversion Websites
Conversion Websites
Conversion Websites
Conversion Websites
Conversion Websites
Conversion Websites
Conversion Websites
Your website is your strongest sales tool, most driven sales rep
that reliably educates your prospects 24/7.
Well, at least it should be.
What would change for your business if leads came to you already knowing:
What problem you solve and why it’s important they solve it
How you solve that problem and why you do it better than the other solutions
The ins and outs of your service and process (because you walked them through it all on your website, and now they want it)
Here’s what would happen:
You’d get more high-intent leads.
You’d get more clients and users.
Your sales cycle would shorten.
Your win rates would go up.
This isn’t some hypothetical situation that works for other brands.
These are the messaging and conversion practices that can work for you.
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Your visuals assets plant an expectation about your brand. Get rock-solid, strategy-backed brand identity that’s intuitive and practical, so that it’s clear how every piece of your business is moving you in the new direction
And we’re passionately straightforward about it. That means:
More effective visual assets and beautiful designs that you’ll actually need and use.

One size does NOT fit all

Plus a few more things we’re passionate about

No design themes

Custom layouts, icons and illustrations. Branded elements and immersive animation. The small branded details that give your website a stand-out, signature look.

Feedback should be easy

We love feedback, and we want it to be easy for you to give it. That’s why you can always drop comments directly on the deliverable.

No frills added, no corners cut

We don’t do bloated deliverables that die in your gdrive. We’re here to give you everything that you need – and nothing you don’t.

Form + Function

Furrow believes in flawless. When it comes to your website, we’ll never sacrifice one at the expense of another.

It needs to
be unbreakable.
It needs to be unbreakable.
be maintenance–free. Update–free. Plugin-free.
It needs to be maintenance–free. Update–free. Plugin-free.

(so you’re not held hostage with monthly maintenance plans)

be a secure environment.
It needs to be a secure environment.

(because in 2023 malware and cyberthreats, is, you know, a thing)

be clean and easily editable on your own.
It needs to be clean and easily editable on your own.

(so you don’t need to reach out to add one more bullet point or switch a photo)

play nicely with SEO.
It needs to play nicely with SEO.

(so you can get ranked where you want without a migraine)

have speedy load time.
It needs to have speedy load time.

(because ain’t nobody got time for that)

offer beautiful break-the-grid layout immersive experiences.
It needs to offer beautiful break-the-grid layout immersive experiences.

(that captivate your prospects and easily navigates them through your site)

be capable of crafting stunning design.
It needs to be capable of crafting arresting design.

(so your website stands apart from your competitors with a distinctive visual appearance)

It needs to be ALL THAT.

Without draining your complete marketing budget for the next three years.

It needs to be ALL THAT.

Without draining your complete marketing budget for the next three years.

That’s why we use Webflow as our exclusive website platform.

Alongside thousands of global enterprise brands like DropboxSign, Wave, Kajabi, Zendesk, and AirBNB.

More educated leads
More educated leads
More educated leads
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Clean. Crisp. Clear. Done.

We’re a team that delights in every project, turning work into play and clients into friends.

Same point-person.
Same optimized workflow.
Same (neurotic) attention to detail.

Same easy Furrow experience.

on voice, on-brand

We bake all that strategy into on-voice copy, fine-tuning every word and every dash for maximum impact

You get your wire-framed copy (so you can see the flow and layout of the copy narrative), plus a walk-through breakdown of the science and art of your copy - and how it will achieve your goals.

Drop your comments directly on the file. We'll refine and update. (You get one more round of light revisions if necessary.)

Design & Development
form + function

We’ll build out a distinct design concept that's founded on your brand identity, so your website design is design is impactful, bold, and aligned to your brand.

You get a design brief with typography, color palette, iconography, illustration/image style, plus a few sample layouts  to make sure we are all on the same page.

We design your website in Figma, and build it in Webflow.

You get one round of heavy revisions, and another round of light revisions if necessary.

And it’s a launch! We’ll transfer the website to your account, and hook everything up

You get 2 weeks of website support, to make sure everything is running properly.

How It Works

Something unique, memorable, and perfectly communicates what your brand stands for. We’ll start with brainstorming concepts that reflect the heart of your brand. Our work together will give us a headstart here.

Get your own original concept that best positions your brand - including typography, color palette, and other visual elements that express your brand’s vibe.

Drop your comments directly on the file. We refine and update. (You get one more round of light revisions if necessary.)

Get your final Brand Identity Kit, including the deliverables listed below:

What You Get
Brand Book
Logo Files
Supporting Font Files
One Supporting Design Asset (choice of linkedin banner, businesscard, or letterhead).

Investment: 5k (we don’t offer any other brand identity packages because we don’t think you need it. If you do need other specific deliverables, we’ll add it on to this package)


Ready to

become an industry authority?

get more leads

shorten deal time

increase revenue

change everything

We're ready to take you there.

1 page website
For: Early-stage startups
Secure a foothold
What you need:
  • You’re launching a new product or service with plans to evolve over the next 2 years.
  • You need  a website that clearly communicates your pitch and builds trust.
  • (Executes on The Essentials Brand Strategy package”)
How we help:

Copy + design + development for:

One page website that meets prospects where they’re at and walks them all the way to the finish line.

Your investment:
Leadtime: 1 month
Let’s Collaborate
We only do up to 6 of these a year
5 page website
For: Businesses in years 1-5
Grow your authority
What you need:
  • You’re a full-scale business, but your marketing doesn’t reflect what you do, your expertise, and your experience.
  • You need a comprehensive website that outlines your offer, pre-sells prospects to shorten the sales cycle, and  generates authority and trust.
  • (Executes on The Complete Brand Strategy package)
How we help:

Copy + design + development for:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • 3 Service Pages
  • Contact
  • Thank you Page
Your investment:
Leadtime: 2 months
Let’s Collaborate
We only do up to 3 of these a year
10+ page website
For: Businesses 5+ years
Lead the market
What you need:
  • You’re a mature business and offer multiple services and/or have multiple market segments.
  • You need a well-organized website that clearly showcases your offers and sells to all potential clients with targeted messaging.
  • (Executes on The Complete Brand Strategy package)
How we help:

Copy + design + development for:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • 5 Service Pages
  • Case Study Template
  • 3 Case Studies
  • 1 Additional Page
    (resources, blog) 
  • Contact Page
  • Thank You Page
Your investment:
Leadtime: 3-4 months
Let’s Collaborate
We only do 3 of these a year

All of packages include custom design concept, custom layout, custom iconography, custom development, and basic to moderate scroll and static animations

Add-Ons: custom illustration, complex scroll and static animations

Have something specific in mind?

Give us a hollar here
A quick word on pricing:

Final pricing will reflect your project’s unique specifications – like industry, complexity, and content (but we put pricing estimates so you get the basic ballpark)

“We're getting more leads, our prospects are more educated, and we've broken into new industries."

We've completed several projects with Rachel, and couldn't be more thrilled. While we came with high expectations given her thorough process, we were still blown away by the depth, quality, and creativity of her work. She didn’t just deliver what we wanted. She went above and beyond to really understand our business, softwares, industry, and target market inside-out, and the results have been game-changing. Our new website quickly became a key component of our sales process and growth. We're getting more leads than ever, our prospects are more educated, and we've broken into new industries. If you’re looking for someone who doesn’t do cookie-cutter, but who gets to the crux of the problem and brings positive energy to the project, hire Rachel. You’ll be happy you did.

Naftali Hellman
CEO, Terra Financial Solutions

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“They bring a broad arsenal of skills to the table–it’s above and beyond anything I’ve experienced in the industry."

They have the tech experience, so they were able to quickly get a handle on our service and industry. They have the product and marketing strategy, so they were able to lead us on how to perfect our process, products, and client experience. And they have the execution chops, so they were able to seamlessly execute on the strategy with stunning results. They took us start-to-end, and each element was completed professionally and on a high-level. That combination is a very rare and powerful skill-set, and it puts them and their work in a whole different league.

Mordy Fried
CEO, Keystone Cyber Protection

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