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Real estate operation consultancy, plus a back-office hub. How to get it all in?

Brand Strategy
Conversion Website
Naftali Hellman
CEO, Terra Financial Solutions

"Our business had evolved, and our message wasn’t being delivered.”

When Terra Financial reached out to us, they had a website that looked professional and sounded nice.

But they had grown tremendously and felt their website didn’t reflect their new growth and position in the marketplace.

There was also a whole lot of untapped conversion potential — if the website could do a better job educating readers about the services offered, it could also bring in many more leads.

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// How we helped //



Here’s how we got to know the brand + space.
  • Discovery Sessions with Terra team, to learn about their services + growth vision
  • Software Walkthroughs, to learn the capabilities of the software and the benefits of each feature
  • Competitive Analysis, to see how they stack up against similar companies–and where they stand out
  • Client Survey, to discover why clients chose Terra, what problems were solved, and get feedback on their services
  • Client Survey, to discover how clients describe their problems, learn how Terra helped (in their own words), and gain insight into the customer decision-making process
Product & Brand Strategy
Let’s pull it all together.
The challenge? Terra’s offer is a blend of both software + accounting services for the real estate market. How to communicate both effectively?

The answer? ”Technology to accelerate your growth. Services to help you sustain it.”
Terra offers an all-one, solution for everything you need to support the life-cycle of property management.


Offer Structure: We restructured all of their services into an offer structure that is simple to understand.

Terra is confident and knowledgeable, but approachable and easy.

Copy: Clear voice and simple language

Design: Bright colors and custom illustration complements the copy for a fresh corporate look

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Naftali Hellman
CEO, Terra Financial Solutions

"While we came with high expectations given her thorough process, we were blown away by the depth, quality, and creativity of her work. And she makes it very easy to communicate and collaborate with her."

Conversion Website
From make it happen: copy + design + development
Goals for new website/website strategy

Immediately communicate Terra’s dual offer of software + backoffice support,

to clearly differentiate them from other solutions on our prospects’ short-list


Show the full scope of the Terra experience,

so prospects can see how Terra supports them at every stage.


Drill down and showcase the actual software and deliverables,

so prospects know exactly what they’d walk away with when working with Terra.

How it all came together:
  • Easy-to-understand offer structure
  • See what they get with product screenshots
  • Highlight benefit of features, and give more info with drill-downs.
  • "Yes, we do that!" Copy that answers all the 'check-the-box' questions prospects may have
  • Piling on the proof
  • Landing Pages for child brands
Before - After
See live site
Naftali Hellman
CEO, Terra Financial Solutions

"She went above and beyond to really understand our business, softwares, industry, and target market inside-out, and the results have been game-changing. Our new website quickly became a key component of our sales process and growth. We're getting more leads than ever, our prospects are more educated, and we've broken into new industries."

Additional Marketing Material

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